Purple Bee is born…new name new blog

Announcing Purple Bee Training and the first of many blogs about Addiction Recovery and Safeguarding

I thought it was about time I tried to coordinate my thoughts and ideas with a regular blog and what better time than now to also announce  the  new name for my business :

“Purple Bee Training”

I have worked in the Addictions field for 20 years or more and for the last 7 years I have been a freelance Trainer  working independently, as an Associate and taking on joint projects with other freelancers such the fabulous Michaela Jones of In2Recovery   I have mostly used my own name or DDTC (Deb Drinkwater Training & Consultancy) when promoting my work but 7 years on – it was time to reflect and  the new name is simply me polishing up my business life including branding and this blog. Result was Purple Bee Training .   Apart from having a lovely  ring to it there is a bit of a story behind the name – let me tell you  more ;

The name didn’t come to me immediately  in a flash of inspiration, it took a fair few doodles , deliberations and deletions before the pen formed around the name.;

But as soon as it was manifested I just had this gut feeling that it was the right one .

“Purple Bee Training”

Never one to trust instinct alone I paused to think if the choice of words was totally random or if it did have some relevance to me and sure enough it did !!

Firstly why purple you might ask .. well I chose to give up booze 10 years ago – best choice I ever made – and since then Recovery is part of who I am and what I do and as  Purple is THE  colour of Recovery it was ideal that purple figured somewhere in the name or branding – so one tick of approval to instinct there .

Secondly My name “Deborah” means Bee in Hebrew, so thats pretty darn significant. Added to that revelation the fascinating bee is officially the  symbol of Manchester , I am really pleased that my pondering took me in the direction of the bee.


Not sure if you have spotted the bees but if you look closely you literally see them everywhere across the city.

As a working class lass who is proud of her Northern roots I am so very pleased to see  that the fascinating worker bee  represents Manchester’s  hardworking  industrious past .


So my instinct and logic  satisfied,  I looked for a little  more approval from a select group of “WhatAppers”  and with a resounding nod  the name was given .

There is still a bit of work to do on the branding and you may see some tweaks and changes to the site over the coming weeks, but the name itself

“Purple Bee Training”

is here to stay.  The blog itself will cover many different issues relating to Addictions, Recovery Training and Peer support with a focus on families parenting and Safeguarding . There may be some deviation from that – as this years Training programme is developed but  these areas are where we begin our journey in 2017 . Look forward to linking with you


5 thoughts on “Purple Bee is born…new name new blog”

  1. Ah found you Well Done Debs on the launch of Purple Bee. Fantastic blog written by a very dynamic, dedicated and knowledgeable lady. Good luck with your new venture.

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