Purple Bee Training has a regular Blog and offers a range of services that aim to challenge stigma through raising awareness of Safeguarding Addiction and Recovery .

To staff teams so that they can confidently work with people to address their substance use, adhere to Safeguarding Principles & support those who are in Recovery .

Recovery Coaching
Purple Bee provides 1 to 1 support to individuals who wish to address concerns around their own substance use. All coaching is provided by an experienced practitioner who has 20+years experience in the addictions field and has the added benefit of having personal experience as a Woman in long term recovery . Interventions are provided via face to face or Skype and cover motivation to change, goal setting and relapse prevention.

Working  with groups and organisations to
1) develop their understanding of Recovery from Addiction
2) explore the negative impacts of Alcohol and Other Drugs,
3) consider the importance of Safeguarding in Community development & community engagement work.

Policy Development
For those concerned about Alcohol & Drug use in the workplace, Safeguarding principles & the Health and Wellbeing of staff.

For organisations looking to develop services in relation to Alcohol & Drug use, for building Recovery Communities & ensuring Safeguarding principles are addressed .

Recovery from Addiction Workshop Facilitator & Conference Speaker
Skilled in Community engagement , participatory practise and peer led initiatives, I enjoy talking to others about the projects I have developed & because I believe in what I do I achieve this with confidence.